Thursday, 27 July 2017

Tongan Spit Fires

Spitfires were introduced in The Second World War against Germany in 1939.

They had to prepare fast, they figured out the fastest way to raise money during the war so they danced, had concerts and special market days. There was a lot of money raised but the Queen, Queen Salote wanted her people to raise more money.

Long time ago Spitfires were the best planes in Europe. If they raised five pounds the could buy a plane for their British allies. The queen donated 10 percent of her income and so did the officials and the government.On the first day of March in 1942 the British RAF (Royal Air Force) got a special delivery from the Tongan people, it was a new Spit Fire with Queen Salote’s name on it.

From that time more money was raised there was a second spit fire was presented in November 1943. The second was called Prince Tungi number 2 after Queen Salote’s husband.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Best Collage Ever!

  • In Room 9 we have been learning how to make a comic collage. 
  • Each box has a speech bubble and inside it is something that talks about what you should do. 
  • I enjoyed creating it because it is fun adding different colours and shapes. 
  • If I ever do another comic collage I would try to make a bigger one.