Monday, 28 August 2017

How To Make A No Bake Cookie

The Ingredients/Equipment 

A Bowl, whisk, container,tray, spatula, cooking spray & paper
1/2 cup butter, 3/4 cups of brown sugar
2 cups of Flour, 1 tin of sweetened condensed milk
A few drops of Vanilla, 2 cups chocolate chips

1. First wash your hands with soap and dry your hands. Wash them so no germs get in the cookie.
2. Gather all your ingredients together. Put some gloves on your hands.
3. Next tip your 1/2 butter into the bowl. When your done put 3/4 of brown sugar in the bowl as well.
4.Then combine it with the whisk, until it changes colour.Wipe the mixture off the spatula, if there is more on the sides wipe it off too.
5.After that add 2 cups of plain flour into a container. Scoop a little bit of the condensed milk into it.
6.Now put a few drop of the vanilla extract. Then add some some more milk to it.
7.Make sure you add the flour little by little. Add the rest of the milk in.
8.Mix it all together, when it is all combined add any chocolate you like Dark, Milk or White and mix it together.
9.Spray the tray with cooking spray, then rip some cooking paper add stick it down.
10.Spread it all over the tray. Put a bit more flour so it doesn't stick. Lastly chill it in the fridge overnight

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


What is the Animal

a) chupacadra
b) alpaca
c) cassowary
d) hump head wrasse

Comment If You Know the Answer!

Thursday, 10 August 2017


On Tuesday my class Room 9 had orienteering with Leon. Last week Tuesday he came in to teach us about it and he told us it was kind of dangerous because some people get concussions. Then finally we got to do it this week, our class were so pumped to do it and most of us were ready. We did orienteering around the school even near the pool! It was pretty cool seeing how it was. If something sounds boring to you give it a try it might be as fun as this!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Not So Fast

On Wednesday my group and I did a play from this School Journal called Not So Fast. This is part 2, number 4 and from 2007. The people in my group are Kotipi, Frank and Kate but in the play there was one more person left so Limiteti took it. I was the Second Sports Commentator, Kotipi was the first, Kate was the Coach, Limiteti was Tina and Frank was Sam. It was a sports race but it is more confusing it was to see who was the slowest walker.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

My Tangram House!

A tangram is a puzzle made up of 7 shapes. The tangram really challenged my mind to the test to see if I could solve it but I think I failed.

 The first few tries I failed but then Shaniqua helped me figure it out, Mrs Riley showed Shaniqua how to do it. 

One keyboard tip was Shift and the arrow pointing to the right and  another is Alt and the arrow pointing to the left.

Why We All Need To Sleep!

Today, I will explain to you why we need to sleep.

First of all we need to sleep because if we are going somewhere we will be very lazy then the people will think we are lazy. Also, when applying for a job or going to school the next day we will need lots of sleep because people will say “sleep early”.
Next, everyone should at least have eight hours of sleep, if they sleep longer it is fine at least they won’t be that tired in the morning. Sleep can actually help you focus more.

Finally, sleep is important because it can make you grow more and make you smart. Even in dreams it can actually teach you something.

The Time I Was Proud Of Myself...

Intro- Kia Ora today I am writing about when I was proud of myself. It is about when I had a maths test, I did mine late after the others because I was away.

Middle 1-It was in June when it happened, we were doing our science with room 10 then Mrs Riley (my teacher) called me and Nurul to do the test. For each sheet we had 50  questions but the time me and Nurul had was 4 minutes.

Middle 2- The next day Mrs Riley told me my result, when I heard it I was proud of myself a lot. Each of our class got letters like A B C D and E. I got an A- and my friend Kotipi got a B- her score was 131 and mine was 168 which made me an A-.

In conclusion I am very proud of myself and also Kotipi for getting the two highest marks.