Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Thee Artiste!

2 weeks ago an artist named Ariel came with Zoe. If you don't know who Zoe is she is the daughter of Mrs Hoebriggs. She came with Ariel to teach us how we can do art with plants. One colour that was a plant was called Turmeric, Ariel said she found some plants and cooked them in a pot with boiling water. She even made a rug with squares that had different colours of the plants. It smelled weird but had a good colour it was bright and looked like a water colour but without the water in it.


The Story i read was called Danger Man. It was about when 4 boys went to the zip line and after that got caught.

First what happened was a boy was wide awake at dawn, it was about 5:30 am and he decided to wake up his best friend named Josh and go on a tour around the camp. Next they decided to go with their 2 friends named Luke and Ryan. Josh was the crazy one in the group and took risks. 

When they were touring they found a zip line, Josh wanted to go on it but the rest didn't so Josh got on and started to get closer to the middle. The more Josh got into the middle the lower he got, then after he was in the middle he was about to fall in so he said "Help Me". The boys saw a raft but there was no paddle so they grabbed a stick. The moment they got in the water they paddled, then when they got to him Josh let go. The water splashed then the 3 boys laughed and Josh yelled at them.

The worst part was they got caught and so they knew what was coming they were going to clean the toilet bowl with their toothbrush.

That is why the story is called "Danger Man". Also the author is Mark Sizer and the Illustrator is Mat Tait.

The World Celebrates Green Day!...

All around New Zealand, there are a lot of events happening because of Saint Patrick's Day! Each year in New Zealand Saint Patricks Day is celebrated on the 17th of March.

The first celebration of Saint Patrick's day was in the United States specifically Boston in 1737. The largest celebration to celebrate Saint Patrick's day parade is in New York, I don't know why it is the largest but who knows why?

Patrick was born in Britan in the year 387. Patrick's real name was actually Maewlyn Succat. The name St Partick was given to him later in his life by a woman named Pope Celestine. Later on at the age of sixteen, he was kidnapped by pirates and was sold into slavery in Ireland. Saint worked as a shepherd and started turn into a different religion into a Devout Christian. After six years when he was 21, he escaped and flew back to Britain.

St Patrick sadly died at Saul, Downpatrick, Ireland, then on March 17, he was believed to be buried in Downpatrick, County Down!

That is why we celebrate Saint Patrick's Day!

Warriors Win!

The Warriors have won their first game of 2018 with an impressive win of 32-20 against South Sydney at Optus Stadium!

They have been struggling this year but they looked better when they tackled and look way more fit than last year. Most importantly they finished the game with not one single person with an injury! Their other game was against the Titans last week on the weekends.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Bad News...About Stephen Hawkings...

Do you know Stephen Hawkings? If you do good on you but if you don't you will know from this post. First of all the basics, the way you pronounced his name isn't (Stephen Hawkings) but it's pronounced as (Steven Hawkings) but that is just how you spell it.

Hawkings peacefully died at his home in Cambridge, UK. Hawkings was mostly known for his work with black holes and relativity and also wrote several science books one of the most popular ones is called A Brief History Of Time.

At the age of 22, he was given only a few years to live then he would die, after being found with a medical problem with a rare form of motor neuron disease if you don't know what a motor neuron disease is it is a very bad medical problem that can not be cured.
The illness left Hawkings in a wheelchair and he was unable to speak except through a voice synthesiser. Also, a voice synthesiser is an electronic device that speaks what you text through your device in a human voice.

Jacinda Adern at Polyfest...

A lot of kids from the Pacific Islands participated in the Polyfest last week!

Polyfest is four days of the Pacific culture with music, food, and competitions. Among all the 242 people there was a special person who went who just came from Raratonga, guess who, you give up, if you don't comment who you think it is right now if you give up I'll tell you. It was our prime minister great I know right, it was New Zealand's own Jacinda Adern! She was the first ever Labour prime minister to ever attend Polyfest.

I have a question for you now. Did you attend Polyfest?

The Trip To A Big School

Today, a few students from our school went to Saint Kentigern College to do some sport activities. The first time we were with them they came to our school, but then they decided why not them come to us. It was quite fun sometimes but was also a bit boring. From our class in my group was Alamoni, Kymani, Shaniqua, Faye & Militina. Mrs Riley and Miss Misela went around to check on each group on how they were doing, but then there was an incident with one of my classmates.