Monday, 22 July 2019

Fun At Sylvia Park

During the holidays I went to Sylvia Park and spent time with Limiteti, Liza and Storm.

Once we arrived we played some mini golf and it was a wonderful experience. On the last stage Limiteti took a shot and the golf ball landed outside the course! Then, Liza swung her club and missed the ball. In her second attempt she hit the ball and it accidentally hit the lady that was in front of us.

We had many snacks such as, sour lollies, churro and some Starbucks. The sour lollies I bought were TNT's and Warheads.

We were running around then we lost Limiteti and started searching the mall. I found her in H&M and then we both hid from Storm and Liza. They later found us and we all went to the arcade in Hoyts.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Tamaki Estuary Trip

Yesterday our school went to the Tamaki Estuary and did some a bit of a clean up.

In our special assembly before we were off Frazier, Hazel and Ashley first talked about how we need to fix our river. Then Frazier showed us a comparison of the Kelly Tarltons water and the river water, there was a massive difference.

When we arrived at the estuary everyone was split into groups and had a bucket to pick up rubbish they found lying around, I was with Lolo Limiteti and Madisyn. Lolo was the expert in our group because he'd already been there and Room 7 and Room 9 studied about it. Our group was probably one of the few ones that decided to take our time and found quite a lot of rubbish we thought others
would've picked up.

Monday, 24 June 2019

Wero Whitewater Trip

On Friday, my class had the chance to go to Wero Whitewater in Manukau.

First we watched two videos and split into our groups. Our instructor was Chris. We then had a small talk about the lake with another group and their instructor, JJ. She taught us how to cross the river.

Once we boarded the raft we rowed a few times then went on the course. Each group had some successful rounds but some people from the other groups fell in.

I enjoyed the part when we had the chance to jump in and flow down river, it was funny when a few people. I almost got pushed by the tide to the middle of the lake. Overall it was a fun trip and I would love to go back sometime.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Planning Our Games

This week with Miss Ferguson we were planning on how to make paper games into 3D. We had a piece of paper each and came up with our own ideas of turning games into 3D and customizing them ourselves.

So far the games I have thought of are Hearts and Hearts (naughts and crosses) and the Emoji Board. My favourite idea is probably the Emoji Chess Board because I was able to use any emoji of my liking. I have only figured out the emoji pieces but I am still customizing the game.

As for the hearts and hearts it will be a simple 3 by 4 with 6 red hearts and 6 blue hearts, the aim will be to get 3 in a row like the normal game but with hearts.

Monday, 17 June 2019

Super Rugby Review

Last week some teams had one last chance to make it into the playoffs because there was only one week left. The week started off with a draw of 24 between the Bulls and Highlanders.

Then the Blues lost to the Reds by 1 point so it was 28-29. After that the Crusaders thrashed the Reds as the result was 66-0, and the Brumbies beat the Waratahs 35-24.

The other matches included the Hurricanes beating the Lions, the Stormers quite ahead of the Sunwolves and the Jaguars smashing the Sharks.

In my own opinion I think that the Crusaders did an excellent job of scoring 66 points and that the Blues did a great job and could've beat the Reds.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Fungal Disease Killing Kakapo

A deadly disease has been killing the kakapo in the past few months, so far seven have died.

Nora 1-A was a 100 year old and was treated in the hospital because he was sick. He was treated at the New Zealand Centre Conservation Medicine at the Auckland Zoo.

There are now 35 kakapo in three hospitals around the country.

All sick birds are given their favourite plants to feed on and are given medicine two times a day.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Manawanui Navy Ship

Jacinda Ardern, has announced the new military boat, the Manawanui. The prime minister also took part in the ceremony at the Devonport Naval Base over the weekends.

The Manawanui, is the fourth ship of the Royal New Zealand Navy to have that name.

The earlier Manawanui boats had a long history of serving our country. The new Manawanui will be serving in the South Pacific.