Friday, 13 April 2018

Adverb Poem

Bravely, soldiers risked their lives
Bravely, soldiers left their wives

Bravely, soldiers shot and died
Bravely, soldiers tried and tried

Bravely, soldiers went to war
Bravely, soldiers hearts were torn

Bravely, we wear poppies for them
Bravely, we keep their sacrifice as gems.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Museum Trip

 Yesterday room 9 & 10 went to Auckland Museum. When we got there we sat down in lines and talked about the rules, after that we walked up the stairs to floor two and walked until we got to the World War 1 room. In the room where heaps of names, some of us thought it would be like about 50 something but it looked like 500. We looked at the glass window and saw some of the people who went to war and died. It was so upsetting seeing the people who gave their lives for us.

 After we looked in the first room we went to another room about World War 1 and the photo that was so sad was when a man had his leg shot or cut off and sewed his skin back together, so one leg was normal and the other was short. We saw trenches and we also saw a few guns. The weirdest part was when the man was talking on the phone. It was pretty scary cause he was talking about when his wife died and all that.
Then after we started looking at all the World War 2 stuff. In there we saw spitfires and things like bazookas. It was cool and sad at the same time.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Harry Potter's Poem

On Monday we practised a play called Sun Sonata. We had to memorise it and even say it in front of the whole class.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Sad & Happy

There once was a boy
He was treated like a toy
So one day he decided 
"I'm going on a diet"
Soon on that day
He found a bunch of hay,
So he ate and ate 
Then he started to hate,
His mum, dad and even his life 
so he just grabbed a knife,
He started to cry
and said "I'm going to die"
His mum walked in she grabbed the knife
and said to him
"son live your life"
so he said okay 
and that following day
He was happy and
never got sassy

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How To Get To Sylvia Park!

  • First get out of your house then go into the car
  • Drive towards the white apartment on Tippet Street then turn right and drive straight until you reach the end of the street
  • Next turn right onto Pilkington Road and drive to the roundabout
  • Take the second exit onto Pilkington road and just drive straight
  • Turn right onto Jellicoe Road and drive
  • When you reach the traffic lights turn right into Morrin Road
  • At the next traffic light turn left into Te Horeta Road
  • Drive all the way until you get to Mount Wellington Highway
  • Drive straight past Countdown
  • Drive down a slope going near a shopping centre
  • Turn left at the first traffic lights
  • Then at the roundabout take the second exit and drive
  • Then drive a bit straight and turn into the rooftop parking lot next to Pak'n Save and you have arrived

How To Get To A New Destination I Made

1) Start at the diamond with the A in the middle.  make sure you are facing the staff room.
2) Take eight steps forward
3) Take 22 steps going diagonally to the left
4)Turn around
5) Take 14 steps forward then stop
6) 14 steps going diagonally to the right
7) Once you are at the gate turn to your right.
8) 32 steps forward then turn right
9) 12 steps forward 
10) 20 steps going diagonally to the left
11) At the grey wall you should see a smiley emoji
12) You have reached you destination.

I learnt that if you have clear instructions it will be easy to follow and that the more you re-read it the more it will make sense.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

How To Draw A Portrait Of Yourself...

Today I will teach you how to draw a picture of yourself. I will explain to you what to do while you follow these instructions.

First you have to place your paper in portrait not landscape and draw an oval in the middle of you page that is almost a big as your paper but leave some space for your hair. Now you get a ruler and place it in the middle, then you have to draw a few short lines across the page make sure they are straight. Next you draw a line the same as the other but from up to down, when you have done that go beneath the line that goes side ways and leave a space and draw another line the same as the one going side ways. Now you should have an oval with one line going from up to down and two lines with spaces between them going from one side to the other.

Then you have can start drawing the features I would recommend drawing the eyes first, if your eyes are big and round draw big and round eyes. If you have small eyes that look like ovals then draw eyes that look like ovals don't worry about speeding just take your sweet time!

 Once you have completed that draw a nose if you have a flat nose draw it, if your nose goes straight down then to the sides draw it! After that you draw your lips I don't care if they are fat or tiny what so ever just draw it because they are your lips and no one can change that except you!

When you draw your eyebrows draw actually how they look. It doesn't matter if they aren't on fleek because usually everyone's eyebrows aren't. Also make sure you draw your eyelashes. If you have very longg eyelashes draw them long, but if they are short draw short ones. Also shade some of the side of your face so it kind of looks real.

Finally you draw your type of hair style and you have finally finished!

This is a example of how it should look...