Monday, 11 June 2018

Guide Dog Gives Birth

On May 30th a US dog gave birth to eight puppies in the airport of Tampa, Florida.

Eleanor Ellie Rigby a two year old dog delivered the puppies with the help of Tampa's medical team. Her owners already knew that she was pregnant but didn't know that she was so close to giving labour. Mother Ellie and father Nugget have seven male pups and one special female puppy. A man said on the microphone that were set to take their flight when suddenly Ellie gave birth to her pups. 

The family and their eight pups were happy but also sad because they missed their flight.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Land Past & Present With Sione

This is a poster that Sione and I made. He did the past well I did the present. Mine was mostly about all the expenses that people buy these days and Sione's had a lot to do with the past.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Best Friend Poem

Brings joy everywhere
Energetic and positive
Stands up for you in every problem
Together nothing is impossible
Friendship will never end
Respects you
Includes you in all situations
Enjoyable and happy to be around
Never needy for attention
Doesn't judge to quickly

Thank you for listening to my poem comment your best friends name and why they are your best friend!

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Time I Saved Everyone From A Disease

Hello my name is Agueer and I will be sharing a story about when I saved everyone from a disease. It was back in 1952 when it all started...

So it was a sunny day and was walking down the street and I just pasted the hospital in the south of Miami. Just when I walked all the way past the hospital this man coughed. The more I was passing people the more I would hear coughs. Then I turned around looking directly at the hospital and saw all those people walking into the hospital. I went back and into the hospital and saw an old woman in a room lying on the bed. I was about to walk away when I overheard the doctor and the old woman's conversation, he said to her "Vanessa you have Homorphomia cancer just like most of the people here and if you know anyone who has been coughing a lot send them here" Vanessa replied saying "There are a couple of people I know who cough a lot". After their conversation I got out of the hospital and walked to a shop and had some pepperoni pizza.

The Search
When I arrived home I searched up different types of cancer and found the exact one the doctor was talking about, it read "Hormophomia Cancer, Homorphomia cancer is a very spread able cancer. When you get Homorphomia you cough a lot and if you don't get checked out straight away you may die". I said "I have to help them even if it doesn't work well at least I tried" so I planned something for 6 weeks and that week on Thursday was the day I did it. During my planning time I made this potion it was made from blackberries grass and fish, so first what I did was I went near that hospital ad took a plant out from under my arm and a woman coughed on it then I went home and went to my backyard. I simply squeezed a few drops of the potion into the plant and then five seconds later... I became a miracle worker. It felt good to help the plants so I took it in the next day.

The Blessing
The next day I took it in and saw a doctor named Kylie, she was very supportive and asked me to show her, when I showed her the experiment she said "Wow I will let you work on Miss Smith" "who's Miss Smith" "she is the old lady in ward 2 number 12" so I went to her room. She was asleep and the doctors told me "Go on do your thing" then I shot the needle in her. She woke up and jumped out of her room joyfully and we all cheered. So after I shot every patient I was rewarded with a $500,000 shopping spree, I was so blessed that day and also my budget is still going even after 3 years it is at $200,000.

Thank you for listening to my story and I hope you enjoyed it feel free to give back some feed back.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Hip Hop Class

Today at the multipurpose room we had Hip Hop Class. Our tutors name was Jess. I don't know how old she is but she is a pretty good dancer. This is a small clip of a few people doing the routine Jess taught us. I liked how she didn't treat us like babies and gave it her all and made sure that we would keep going even if we failed. She is a really cool and fun teacher to be with. The game we played was kind of like musical chairs but with no chairs and we had to dance no matter what.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Road Safety Productions

For the past two weeks we have been learning about "Road Safety". Our class got into groups to decide if we were going to do a poster or a film and my group chose film. In my group was Sione Uinita Faye and Reality. The topic we chose was "Stop Look & Listen". This film on my left is my groups film. It was hard to decide on what we wanted to do because other people in the group wanted to do something else but it worked out at the end. I hop[e you enjoy my groups short film.

Friday, 11 May 2018

How You "Should" Act.

Acrostic Poem

A- Amazing personality
G- Generously kind
U- Understanding and caring
E- Exciting
E- Extraordinary 
R- Reliable and trustworthy