Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Hip Hop Class

Today at the multipurpose room we had Hip Hop Class. Our tutors name was Jess. I don't know how old she is but she is a pretty good dancer. This is a small clip of a few people doing the routine Jess taught us. I liked how she didn't treat us like babies and gave it her all and made sure that we would keep going even if we failed. She is a really cool and fun teacher to be with. The game we played was kind of like musical chairs but with no chairs and we had to dance no matter what.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Road Safety Productions

For the past two weeks we have been learning about "Road Safety". Our class got into groups to decide if we were going to do a poster or a film and my group chose film. In my group was Sione Uinita Faye and Reality. The topic we chose was "Stop Look & Listen". This film on my left is my groups film. It was hard to decide on what we wanted to do because other people in the group wanted to do something else but it worked out at the end. I hop[e you enjoy my groups short film.

Friday, 11 May 2018

How You "Should" Act.

Acrostic Poem

A- Amazing personality
G- Generously kind
U- Understanding and caring
E- Exciting
E- Extraordinary 
R- Reliable and trustworthy

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

TOI TOI Once Again!

Plan- Toi Toi
1- Konzay Reading
2- Groups
3- Saying Bye

Yesterday the people from Toi Toi came to our school. They came because Konzay's story got published in the new book, Konzay's story was about his friend Dominic. Konzay talked about how he was a good friend to him and how much he missed him. His story was called "My Friend Dominic"

First when they arrived they introduced themselves, then straight after that Konzay got up and read his story to room 10 and 9. It was really nice to hear what he had to say about Dominic. The best part about his reading was talking about how Dominic liked reading his bible and how he would never give up and how he would tell others no matter how imperfect they were that they could do it, and to be honest that is what good friends do. After he read his story they awarded him with the book for himself. Later on  we split into our groups and went to either room 9 10 or stayed in 11.

I was in a group with Fabian, Reality, Uinita, Sonny, Jamayne and I forgot our leaders name but she was a woman. She was really nice and let us all pick our story by flicking through and whatever we stopped at we would read it. I read Blue Wings I think that's what it's called. My story was talking about blue things like the sea, and the sky. Everyone in my group tried their best to solve out the words and if they got it wrong someone in  our group would help them say it properly.

After like 25 minutes it was time to finish up. We read one last story and just got to fit in a little game. The game was kind of like pictionary but we didn't have to guess it. It was really fun reading with the Toi Toi people and I would like them to come back.

After reading with them I felt happy and focused to read more stories. It was really good how they encouraged us to sound out the words we needed to work on. My message for you all is to keep up your reading and don't give up if you fail the first time.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Funnest Day In The Holidays

On the last Wednesday of the holidays I went to watch the movie Peter Rabbit. I went with my 3 relatives Zara, Angelina, Cassius, my uncle Thomas and Liza. We went to the one in Sylvia Park because it was really close to the house. We went was because we were bored and wanted to do something fun.

First we went to Sylvia Park and booked our ticket, we chose to watch it at 4:30 instead of 1:30 because it was almost 1:30. When we were waiting in Line my two baby cousins Zara and Cassius ran out of the line so me and my cousin had to run and bring them back into the line. When we finished buying tickets we went to the ice cream shop right next to it. It was so confusing because my cousin Cassius said that he wanted ice cream then when the man put one scoop in he said that he didn't want it.  After that we went to Burger Kings, Angelina and I had a frozen berry and Liza and my cousins Cassius and Zara had a sundae. Just when Zara's dad gave her the sundae she said she didn't want it, I was stressed because they said they wanted it then they didn't. Then when it was about to start we bought a lot of popcorn, some drinks and lollies.

After that we walked into our room number then Liza and my cousin Angelina were doing cartwheels because the movie hadn't started. Just before it was almost about to start Me Liza and Angel went to my uncle and stole some of his popcorn. Once the movie started we were all like "Yassssss". Then while we were eating the popcorn I opened our bag of skittles and we had 3 each. It was so yum literally. When the movie finished we danced in front of everyone then we left the cinema's.

When we walked out we ran into Toy World to see if they still had squishes but they were sold out. A few minutes later, we just roamed around bored then we decided why not hide from our uncle. So we told my baby cousins Zara and Cassius to stay with us and be quiet but of course, they didn't they just went and did their own things. I was interested in looking at this type jewellery. It was so clear it looked like a crystal. I was pretty tired because it was dark outside.

To be honest I would recommend watching "Peter Rabbit" if you have a miniature sibling. My feelings were a bit annoyed at the first part, happy after the movie and Crazy because my cousins were running around like it was a park inside Toy World. I actually wanted to watch Rampage but since I was with miniature kids I had to watch Peter Rabbit.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Alphabet - Thinking Key

Different Types Of Colours

A-  Aqua Blue
B- Blue
C- Coral
D- Dark Blue
E- Emerald
F- French Rose
G- Gold
H- Hollywood
I- Indigo
J- Jade
K- Kelly Green
L- Lemon
M- Midnight Blue
N- Navy Blue
O- Orchid
P- Plum
Q- Quartz Grey
R- Rose
S- Sky Blue
T- Teal
U- Ultramarine
V- Violet
W- Wisteria
X- Xanthic
Y- Yellow
Z- Zucchini