Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The Time I Was Proud Of Myself...

Intro- Kia Ora today I am writing about when I was proud of myself. It is about when I had a maths test, I did mine late after the others because I was away.

Middle 1-It was in June when it happened, we were doing our science with room 10 then Mrs Riley (my teacher) called me and Nurul to do the test. For each sheet we had 50  questions but the time me and Nurul had was 4 minutes.

Middle 2- The next day Mrs Riley told me my result, when I heard it I was proud of myself a lot. Each of our class got letters like A B C D and E. I got an A- and my friend Kotipi got a B- her score was 131 and mine was 168 which made me an A-.

In conclusion I am very proud of myself and also Kotipi for getting the two highest marks.

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  1. I think you should be very proud because I know that I am so incredibly proud of who you are and the effort you put into everything that you do.