Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Museum Trip

 Yesterday room 9 & 10 went to Auckland Museum. When we got there we sat down in lines and talked about the rules, after that we walked up the stairs to floor two and walked until we got to the World War 1 room. In the room where heaps of names, some of us thought it would be like about 50 something but it looked like 500. We looked at the glass window and saw some of the people who went to war and died. It was so upsetting seeing the people who gave their lives for us.

 After we looked in the first room we went to another room about World War 1 and the photo that was so sad was when a man had his leg shot or cut off and sewed his skin back together, so one leg was normal and the other was short. We saw trenches and we also saw a few guns. The weirdest part was when the man was talking on the phone. It was pretty scary cause he was talking about when his wife died and all that.
Then after we started looking at all the World War 2 stuff. In there we saw spitfires and things like bazookas. It was cool and sad at the same time.

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