Sunday, 5 August 2018

A Time I Worked Hard To Achieve Something

A time I worked very hard to achieve my goal was yesterday on Sunday night at home. My goal was to get my brothers phone so I could play games on it because it has good quality before my other brother did.

To distract him I turned the T.V onto a very boring channel, even I was bored so then slowly he started closing his eyes. So I grabbed a blanket as quiet as a mouse and put it on him so he could fall asleep and not wake up. I had to try move him over but that didn't work, so I tried slipping out his phone out but that sure didn't work. I finally tried pulling the charger and he almost woke up so that was pretty bad. Both me and my brother wanted it, so we decided that it was first to get it got to play on it. We pushed and shoved and almost made each other fall on him but thank goodness we didn't.

My mum started falling asleep because we turned it back to transformers after he fell asleep. Then when my mum closed her eyes we fought sweat and blood just for a phone like seriously, well it was that important to us because we barley get a turn on it because he always says we give it back to him when it's dead (actually we do). Every time my brother tried he would fail but I finally came up with an idea. It was the simplest way and he would probably say yes because he is tired....asking.

I shook my big brother until he woke up and asked him quietly "can I play on your phone" and one answer came back it was "okay". I jumped with joy and pulled it out just before he fell back asleep. I took it off the charger and started playing roblox. I played games like Bloxburg, Roblox High school and a few more games. After that it was about to die so I quickly played one last game then died, my life felt like it was over just because it died and I was enjoying it.

I put it back on the charger and went back to sleep because school was the next day. My suggestion to you is play roblox and beg your less strict parent to buy you robux so you can unlock Bloxburg because it is so cool.

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