Monday, 2 December 2019

Air NZ Offering In Flight Exercises

Air New Zealand have teamed up with a fitness company to create some in flight exercises. This means that while the plane is in the air you will be able to work out. 

Around the beginning of this month, all Air New Zealand international passengers will have access to the stretchers, exercises and meditation. The passengers will be able to view the content in the planes entertainment. It has been selected so that passengers are able to have a good experience. 

In one of the statements from Les Mills ( fitness company ) they said "it's not about doing burpees and tuck jumps in the aisle but being able to do relaxation and stretching techniques in their seats".

In my opinion I think it's a great idea because it allows all passengers to be able to work out in mid air for free. It can also keep you fit instead of you just sitting down for hours.

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