Tuesday, 20 March 2018


The Story i read was called Danger Man. It was about when 4 boys went to the zip line and after that got caught.

First what happened was a boy was wide awake at dawn, it was about 5:30 am and he decided to wake up his best friend named Josh and go on a tour around the camp. Next they decided to go with their 2 friends named Luke and Ryan. Josh was the crazy one in the group and took risks. 

When they were touring they found a zip line, Josh wanted to go on it but the rest didn't so Josh got on and started to get closer to the middle. The more Josh got into the middle the lower he got, then after he was in the middle he was about to fall in so he said "Help Me". The boys saw a raft but there was no paddle so they grabbed a stick. The moment they got in the water they paddled, then when they got to him Josh let go. The water splashed then the 3 boys laughed and Josh yelled at them.

The worst part was they got caught and so they knew what was coming they were going to clean the toilet bowl with their toothbrush.

That is why the story is called "Danger Man". Also the author is Mark Sizer and the Illustrator is Mat Tait.

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