Thursday, 22 March 2018

How To Draw A Portrait Of Yourself...

Today I will teach you how to draw a picture of yourself. I will explain to you what to do while you follow these instructions.

First you have to place your paper in portrait not landscape and draw an oval in the middle of you page that is almost a big as your paper but leave some space for your hair. Now you get a ruler and place it in the middle, then you have to draw a few short lines across the page make sure they are straight. Next you draw a line the same as the other but from up to down, when you have done that go beneath the line that goes side ways and leave a space and draw another line the same as the one going side ways. Now you should have an oval with one line going from up to down and two lines with spaces between them going from one side to the other.

Then you have can start drawing the features I would recommend drawing the eyes first, if your eyes are big and round draw big and round eyes. If you have small eyes that look like ovals then draw eyes that look like ovals don't worry about speeding just take your sweet time!

 Once you have completed that draw a nose if you have a flat nose draw it, if your nose goes straight down then to the sides draw it! After that you draw your lips I don't care if they are fat or tiny what so ever just draw it because they are your lips and no one can change that except you!

When you draw your eyebrows draw actually how they look. It doesn't matter if they aren't on fleek because usually everyone's eyebrows aren't. Also make sure you draw your eyelashes. If you have very longg eyelashes draw them long, but if they are short draw short ones. Also shade some of the side of your face so it kind of looks real.

Finally you draw your type of hair style and you have finally finished!

This is a example of how it should look...

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