Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How To Get To A New Destination I Made

1) Start at the diamond with the A in the middle.  make sure you are facing the staff room.
2) Take eight steps forward
3) Take 22 steps going diagonally to the left
4)Turn around
5) Take 14 steps forward then stop
6) 14 steps going diagonally to the right
7) Once you are at the gate turn to your right.
8) 32 steps forward then turn right
9) 12 steps forward 
10) 20 steps going diagonally to the left
11) At the grey wall you should see a smiley emoji
12) You have reached you destination.

I learnt that if you have clear instructions it will be easy to follow and that the more you re-read it the more it will make sense.

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