Friday, 16 March 2018

One Of The Greatest Games...The Commonwealth Games!

What I Know About the Commonwealth Games..         

This years commonwealth games are held in Australia, to be specific Gold Coast in April. If you don't know where Australia is, it is near some of the Pacific Islands like Tonga, Samoa and many more. Some sports are include like soccer touch and a few more I don't know. If I had to pick out of soccer or touch I'd say touch, I chose touch because in soccer you could trip because the ball and in touch there is no tackling and referees can see if someone cheats. To be honest I think the Commonwealth Games are exactly like the Olympics. Different countries like New Zealand , Australia, Scotland and a lot more gather and play. It has been going for 6 years I think.

I want to know who created the Commonwealth games and when it started? Who is running the Commonwealth games? Why we have the Commonwealth games? How long until it will end?

I learnt that there are 53 countries in the Commonwealth.  It started on the 11th of December 1930. The person who is running the Commonwealth Games is The British Empire. Did you know that only six teams have attended the Commonwealth Games every year. This year it will start on April 4th and finish on April 15th, also it happens every 4 years.

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